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About Us

A Sudanese political, nonpartisan, Public policy research organization and think-tank that focuses on studying critical social, political, and economic issues related to democracy, peace, stability, and development in Sudan.

Fikra pushes at the frontiers of knowledge and political and social change in order to redefine the debate over public issues and foster new and effective directions for progressive reform in Sudan.

In order to understand the nature of and possible solutions to the major public problems, Fikra’s programs adhere to the standards of independent inquiry and research that are pursued regardless of political and social biases.

Public Policy Research
Social and Political Analysis
Civic Education and Raising Public Awareness
Youth Training and Empowering their Participation in the Various Aspects of Public Life
Issues of Peace, Just and Sustainable Development, and Addressing the Effects of Civil Wars in Sudan
Promote Democracy and Citizen Participation in Sudan